We work with individuals, communities, organizations, and institutions to help them achieve not only success but also fulfillment and greatness.

A to A Partners is designed to bring about lasting results that expand and unfold over time.

You will experience a difference in creating new possibilities, turning them into reality, and realizing your goals in areas that matter most to you.

Our business coaching and staff will help you work on your relationships, creativity, effectiveness, and develop what it takes to make a difference in your businesses and in your lives.

Devoted to
your Success

Our operational team will support you and ensure you have a smooth experience with our coaches and serve providers.

We will help your organization reach high standards of quality in the delivery your projects. 

Astou Dia

Founder and Lead Coach

Yansane Théophile

Community Manager

Fatou Amy Lam

Business Manager

Our Clients say...

"The coaching session with A TO A PARTERS helped me identify growth opportunities for my business amidst Covid 19! Thanks to them, I was able to pivot and develop new revenue streams despite the pandemic context."
"Entrepreneurs always have great ideas and see multiple opportunities. However, execution can de an obstacle. Thanks to Business Coaching services provided by Astou Dia and her team one of our entrepreneurs was able to clarify his vision, set up an execution plan, and deliver on it".
Comoe Capital
"I am a serial entrepreneur and always have new business ideas. Astou helped me not only structure and launch my businesses but she also provided valuable advice on what to prioritize to help my team deliver".